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A Celebration of the Very Elegant Sarah Jessica Parker
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Welcome to the first daily community dedicated to America's fashion idol with substance, Sarah Jessica Parker!

sarah_daily is a picture and non-gossip news community.

We welcome photographs, graphics and icons, as well as news and articles about Sarah - with a focus upon her projects, be that film, fragrance, charitable/campaigning or other creative endeavours.

Everyone is encouraged to join and share your photos, graphics and news of Sarah!

R U L E S:
· Please consult these rules before posting!
· Posts must be about Sarah or characters she has portrayed within her creative projects. If you want to promote another community, please consult with the mod first.
· Take a leaf out of SJP's book and be nice and respectful to the members of this community! No Flaming!
· If you post a large pic or multiple pics, please put them under an lj-cut or use a thumbnail.
· Please no hotlinking. We would like to avoid bandwidth theft. Check into Imageshack.

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